Dragonfly Wedding Celebrations

Your Dream Wedding Celebration Is Here!

If you don’t want a completely religious wedding ceremony or a completely secular one, there is an alternative!

By choosing to have a brief legal ceremony in front of a Registrar, with two witnesses, you can contract a legal marriage and then have a celebrant led ‘celebratory wedding ceremony’ which contains exactly what you want afterwards.

You may have decided that as you don’t attend a place of worship regularly, you don’t feel comfortable with a church ceremony, but you still want to include some aspects of religion. You may be a couple who have been brought up within different faith traditions and want to have a blend of both. Perhaps you have spiritual beliefs that don’t completely fit in with any single way of looking at the world. A completely secular service might be your option instead or one that incorporates a handfasting. We will work together to ensure that the tone and ‘feel’ of your ceremony is just right for you as a couple.

You can create the vows and promises about what matters most to each of you in your relationship and we can weave in small rituals such as ‘tying the knot’, a loving cup, or lighting unity candles if you are blending two families together to create a new one. Readings and poetry revealing the universal truths of love and commitment and what they mean to you can be poignant parts of the service.

You may want a ceremony in a special place – a clearing in the woods, a stone circle, a beach, where you first met or where you made your initial commitment to each other. The joy of having a celebrant to officiate at the celebration of your marriage means that your dream wedding day is what you want and where you want it to take place!

We’ll spend time discussing your own love story and what your hopes and dreams are for your life together. We’ll look at poetry and readings to personalise your ceremony, consider the vows and promises you want to make to each other and who you want to involve in your special day. I will send you an initial outline after our first meeting and two drafts before we confirm the final script. After the ceremony you will be presented with a keepsake copy for you to cherish and remind you of your perfect wedding day.

So, whether your ceremony culminates in you being introduced to your guests as the new Mr and Mrs; Mr and Mr, Mrs and Mrs or Ms and Ms – your day will be a celebration of the love you share and the lifetime commitment you are making.

“You don’t marry the person you can live with… You marry the person you can’t live without”