Dragonfly Naming Ceremonies

In our increasingly secular society, a bespoke naming ceremony is becoming more popular.

Babies And Small Children

Welcoming and acknowledging a new baby in a family is a joyous occasion and is a pleasure to celebrate.  A Dragonfly led ceremony will reflect the hopes and dreams you have for your child. These wishes for their future can be woven into the ceremony to create something extremely special, meaningful and unique.

Perhaps as parents you will want to make vows or promises to your child about those things that really matter to you? We can create a space for grandparents and siblings to be closely involved in aspects of the ceremony. For example, using a unity candle for separate members of the family to light together which creates a brighter, stronger flame symbolising the strength that lies within family bonds.

The role of ‘guide parents’ (or ‘sparents’!) can be focussed on different aspects of a child’s life. Do you have close friends or siblings who have special talents or interests that they can encourage in your child? Will one take on a responsibility for introducing your child to sport or outdoor adventures? Will another teach them crafts or take them to castles to feed their imagination? Who will be perfect for helping with science projects, or teach them how to play the guitar? Each guide parent can make different vows depending on the role they are taking on, as well as a collective vow to always be there to listen and support your child throughout their life.


Other children will be receiving a new name because they have been adopted. All children need to have a sense of belonging, so becoming part of a new family, where they will be nurtured, loved and supported is a major transition. For these children a new name is the start of a new life and a new beginning – a milestone that deserves public recognition in a sensitive and thoughtful way.

Blended Families

Being part of a blended family does not necessarily involve a change of name, but it does mean being part of something new.  Recognition of this change can be an important step, as a child comes to terms with the ending of one core relationship for their parents and the start of a new one.

This milestone can be a standalone ceremony, or it can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony for a second marriage and reinforce the care and thought that parents are putting into making the transition work for their children.

These ceremonies can take place in your home or garden, the village hall, in the countryside or as part of a family picnic in a bluebell wood perhaps? Wherever makes it special for you!

I will work closely with you to create a unique and personal ceremony – from our first meeting, through two drafts to the final presentation version that will be used in the ceremony.

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