Dragonfly Funerals

Offering person-centred and unique funeral services ranging in focus from semi-religious, spiritual to entirely secular.

Dragonfly Celebrancy will create a carefully crafted service which fulfils the wishes of your loved one and meet the needs of those left behind. It is important that a service enables you to pay tribute to a special person in your life and say farewell in a way which resonates for you.

Dragonfly Celebrancy services reflect the whole of a person’s life – the light and the shade, the sad and the funny, the profound and the everyday. Combining personal tributes, recollections, poetry (which can help convey often very complex feelings and sentiments in a simple way) and meaningful music creates a funeral service which honours your loved one’s life and represents the love you have shared.

Creating A Service

Creating a unique service for your loved one is a team effort. I will spend time getting to know all about them, including their background and early life; the people who had an impact on them; their work and hobbies; their likes and dislikes; what made them laugh and what their beliefs were. I will want to hear all the family stories and legends that made them the person they were. It is also important that I understand how you want to pay tribute to them. A celebration of life can come in many forms and I will ensure that the service meets your needs.

It is not unusual for members of a family to have differing beliefs.  For some clients I may need to negotiate an agreed way of reflecting this difference. I will ensure that you are comfortable with the approach I take. Together we will agree the order of the service and where poems, readings, tributes and music will be placed. I have a wide selection of poetry that celebrates family relationships, hobbies and interests, as well as religious or secular readings, to help to create a service which is really personal.

Following a family meeting I will draft the service and send it to you for your approval – changes can be made and once you are happy with it, I will confirm the final version that I will deliver on the day. If a family member or friend is speaking at the service, I will liaise with them in advance to offer support and help in writing and presenting a fitting tribute.

On The Day

I arrive early at the venue for the service, look after mourners as they wait for the cortege and then support you and the close family as, together, we carry out the last loving tasks of bidding farewell. I lead the service and officiate at the committal. Afterwards I will give you a presentation copy to keep for your memory box.

It is always a profound privilege to officiate at someone’s funeral and to carry out those last tasks with respect, whilst caring for a family and walking part of the journey of grief with them, giving them the support and courage to say goodbye.

“Many thanks for the service yesterday. Xxxx would have been proud that we gave him the send off that he deserved. I’ve had quite a few friends from near and far comment on how beautiful and well put together the service was”